Thursday, December 14, 2006

Murano Glass Lampwork Pendants - from Hong Kong - $25 each

The quality and luster on these are beautiful, they are ready to wear with ribbon and cord and are 19" long (50cm). and come packaged in a box ready for gift giving.

The oblong is 25mm wide x 50mm long;
The leaf pendants are 30mm wide x 50mm long; and
The heart pendants are 60mm wide x 50mm long.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

FOR SALE: - Sea Folly Necklace Set

This is a pretty set - perfect to wear on holidays or at home to make you feel like you are on holidays.

Made with shells, freshwater pearls, and white howlite.

FOR SALE - Beachgirl Necklace

Mother of Pearl Shell, Freshwater Pearls and Pretty Pink Glass Beads make up a necklace to make you feel in the holiday mood... all you need now is a grass skirt.

Made with white cotton tie.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Just what you need - another handy bead hint

We all need rubbish bins when beading.

But who doesn't get sick of having to bend down to put the bits of wire etc into the bin (I know I did) so I though why not bring the bin to you.

  1. Grab a clear container (a glass jar is good) place on your work area; and

  2. Purchase a cheap largish funnel, put it in the top of the jar/container;

  3. Then when you are cutting wire, head pins etc you can do this directly over the funnel and voila! rubbish in the bin and because it is clear you can see when you have to make a trip to the real rubbish bin.

Regards, Leane

Monday, October 16, 2006

Blue mixed necklace


Blue mixed glass beads

Length: 51 cm

Care instructions: do not imerse in water, do not get in contact with creams, perfumes or sprays clean with a soft cloth.

Email me at if you are interested